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Game Developer


Creating a plethora of interactive experiences for others to enjoy is what inspires me to challenge myself and evolve my skill sets as a Game Developer. I believe that being a part of a like minded team of passionate creators, and a thirst for knowledge, is the best way to make that dream come true.

From Programming to Animation, I am experienced in multiple facets of Game Design with the flexibility to adapt as the project requires.



Always eager to learn, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with varied talents--picking up valuable skill sets along the way.



Game Designer / Programmer / QA

Designed various game levels from RPG dungeons to match boards. Worked with industry veterans to craft game economies and develop combat systems for an engaging experience. Conducted beta tests, organized QA procedures, and managed community feedback.



Producer / Software Engineer

Manages overall production and content pipeline, ranging from software programming, character design, animation, and website integration. Creating a web based, educational software simulator. Researching and developing VR application of the simulator utilizing tools such as Unity and Blender.



3D Artist / Programmer

Working with various clients to create unique, immersive experiences, I manage the creation of 2D/3D characters, and animations to integrate into the game engine. Additionally, I also engineer various aspects of UI and write tools to ease integration.



Technical Artist / Programmer

Responsibilities included optimizing art assets for integration into code, occasionally modifying code and art assets to achieve maximum performance, and establishing an efficient workflow between the art and programmer teams. I have also participated in various QA analysis sessions, and created additional content when necessary.

No task is too great for me undertake. I always look forward to finding creative solutions regardless of the hat I am currently wearing within the team. I look forward to working with many more talented individuals as I continue my journey to create innovative and unique experiences!



Master the Rules of Evidence.

Trial Pro partnered with Evolver Studios to develop a powerful and realistic courtroom simulator designed to transform how students learn the Rules of Evidence and attorneys prepare for Trial.  Continued Legal Education credits can also be earned by completing each case!

CLE Accredited in every state in the U.S., and provides a suite of educational products: The Courtoom Simulator, The Member's Suite, and more!



Am I not entertained?

There is no better way to spend free time than being immersed in a good game with good company.

Magic is my TCG of choice, although YuGiOh introduced me to the genre. My most recent obsession is Dungeons & Dragons, and I am planning my first one-shot very soon!

My favorite video game titles include Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Wolf Among Us, and more!

The only thing I love more than playing games is creating them. Remaining spare time is filled with writing short stories, drawing character concepts, and scripting code for personal projects.

"My passion is to create innovative and unique experiences that will leave a positive impact."

Salvador Rivera



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